Family History:

I have been collecting family stories, names and dates, photos, recipes, scraps of paper and momentos since I was very young. I love seeing family history come alive, and I compulsively record facts and dates when I can. However, not everything here is proven. This site is my online notebook, a work in progress. I invite you to browse these pages and with questions or comments.

My current project is to put much of my grandmother Wilda McKay's high school memory book online. She kept a wonderful record of all those colorful events. If your relative attended Bennington High School (Bennington, Kansas) in the early 1920s, they may be mentioned.

At the top of my Wish List is the desire to find information on my elusive Andersen relatives.


I wanted a user-friendly design that was simple and uncluttered. If you encounter any problems difficulties in using this site, or if you have a comment on the design or usability, please .

For those interested in such things, this site layout is done with Cascading Style Sheets, and only a few tables. My starting point was Blue Robot's Layout Reservoir. Thanks, Rob.


This is a family history site, so obviously some content was created before I was! However, much of the content (and design) is mine. So please don't take what you see here. Craft your own original masterpiece, and make the web a richer place.

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