Welcome! I'm following the Andersen, Collom, McKay, and Wilson lines (and allied familes) back in time. You'll find the normal names, places and dates here, but sometimes more in-depth information and color as well.

Not everything here is proven, so please consider this information as only a reference to your research. I have indicated sources whenever possible. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

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                      New: Andersen family information updated October 25, 2003.

All Surnames:

Abbott, Andersen, Bishop, Blood, Buchanan, Chamberlain, Clark, Cline, Cochran, Collom, Colburn, Doom, Everton, Fuller, Gillespie, Gillette (Gillet, Gillett), Goodlett, Haugen, Hitchcock, Jones, Knowles, Lakin, Matthews, McKay, McReynolds, Rolfe, Sletten, Smith, Tucker, Wilson, Woods

Surnames by Ancestor:

Arthur Richard Andersen: Andersen, Haugen, Sletten

Frances Margaret Collom: Bishop, Collom, Colburn, Fuller, Gillette (Gillet, Gillett), Hitchcock, Jones, Lakin, Matthews, Rolfe, Smith, Woods

Harold Eustace Wilson: Abbott, Blood, Buchanan, Chamberlain, Cochran, Doom, Everton, Gillespie, Goodlett, Knowles, McReynolds, Tucker, Wilson

Wilda Mildred McKay: Clark, Cline, McKay

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