Arthur Andersen: An interview with Flora Isabel Collom Sparks
September 30, 1997:

      "We called him Curly, but Frances made us stop. Then we called him Arthur. His hair was so curly you couldn't get a comb through it.
      "He was a barber from Minnesota. We didn't know anything about his family. He did have a sister that Frances wrote to.
      "Arthur was a worldly man. He'd been everywhere. Frances fell head over heels. He was likable, but he was a traveling man. When Frances had Dickie (Arthur Richard Andersen, Jr.) she quit all that traveling. Frances thought it was fun at first, but she got tired of running around. She tried to teach Arthur a lesson (by moving out and staying with me) but it didn't work.
      "He was a good person, far as I know. He was a nice fellow, but he was just a traveling man."

• Flora Isabel Collom Sparks was Arthur's sister-in-law, and Frances Margaret Collom Andersen's sister.
• This interview was paraphrased for clarity.

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