Mortimer Erastus Gillette
(August 1831- 22 June 1878)

Obituary - The Daily Hawkeye, Burlington, Iowa, Sunday, 23 June 1878

"I'm All Right Now"

      "They were the last words of Mort Gillette. How many of us can speak that farewell message, as we go from the labors of duty and the labors of love below, to the hopes of the mysterious beyond? Who of us could close our lips forever on nobler words, or ask a better epitaph?

      "For many a weary day he had struggled against disease. As he looked back upon his life, he saw it bright in the light of a clean conscience. As he looked forward to the other better life, he saw it bright in the light of an honest hope. Resting for a moment, between earth and the Infinite, he could say in perfect truth, 'I'm all right now.'

      "Mr. Gillette had been suffering for some time with a dropsical affection, to which his brave spirit would not give way. As the great change came nearer and nearer to him, he hid from other what he saw himself, and met his earthly exodus with a smile.

      "It is hard for us, who knew so well, and loved him so dearly, to speak fittingly of so good a man. His twenty years' life of constant usefulness, and bluff, hearty honesty, is a monument greater than any words. The universal sorrow which broke forth, like a great wail, when he passed away, bespoke his merit. There was indeed a void in the world, when that great double heart of strength and gentleness was stilled forever.

      "In attendance: His father, Reverand Erastus Judd Gillette; his sister, Mrs. J. W. Chapman; his brother; and the immediate family."

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