School Days

Bennington High School Glee Club

Top Row: Mamie Kelsey, Francis Temple, Florence Benedict, Stella Heywood, Joy Boss, Dorothea Arbuthnot, Marie Arbuthnot, Mable Karstadt, Florence Rehberg

Middle Row: Neva Norman, Vera Muff, Mable Hare, Irma Ladd, Bessie Smith, Anna Rehberg, Doris Woodruff, Florence Smith, Nina Horn, Olive Reh, Bertha Kuhlman

Bottom Row: Viola Ginder, Enid Schmidt, Wilda McKay, May Margaret Schmidt, Bertha Geissert, Viola Hare, Clara Drake, Dorothy Geissert, Helen Collins, Gwendolyn Vaughn, Vesper Bailey

Miss Irma Ladd, Director

School Song

In the Solomon Valley there's a school...BHS...BHS
Pride of all the valley, she's a jewel...BHS...BHS

Let us raise up our banners,
And keep them flying high,
Gold and Black are our colors,
Let's lift them to the sky;
Like a soldier in battle
Loyal let us be,
While we boost our school together,
Make our motto Victory.

Juniors and the Senior proudly cheer...BHS...BHS
Freshmen and the Sophomores too we hear...BHS...BHS

Repeat Chorus

When we finally leave our High School trail...BHS...BHS
In this game of life may we not fail...BHS...BHS

Repeat Chorus

Words by Agnes Johnson Brotherson
Arranged by Erma Ladd Johnson

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