School Days

Bennington High School, 1919-1923

Bennington High School Girl's Basketball Team - 1921-22

From left to right, Enid Schmidt, Wilda McKay, Anna Rehberg, Stella Heywood, Dorothea Arbuthnot, Laura (surname unknown), and their coach.
The Girl's Team

All the town's been talking
'Bout our Basket Ball team;
Say they been a-working
Like a high powered limousine.

Now, Dorothea is their captain,
And also serves as Guard.
With Enid as her partner,
They sure do hit 'em hard.

And when the ball's in center,
After it our Anna goes;
And has it to the Forwards,
Before her opponent knows.

Wilda does the jumping
And some mighty battling, too.
She bestows smiles upon her teammates,
That keeps them from getting blue.

The Forwards look like Mutt and Jeff;
But they sure know how to play,
They're brave, sturdy, and always there,
For 'tis Laura and Stella May.

We have some dandy subs,
Too numerous to name,
But who kindly, willingly and readily
Boost their team to fame.

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