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Bennington High School, 1919-1923
News Clippings

Note: The following undated items were cut from the Bennington newspaper (probably from a high school news column) and pasted into my grandmother's memory book. It is possible that they are all from 1921-1922. The clippings are organized here by theme; school, social life, sports, whereabouts, miscellaneous, and weddings.


The Agriculture class now has the laboratory ready for use. This class is one of the live wires in our high school!

A telephone has been installed in the office so mother can call Johnny home to bring in the wood.

Gwendolyn Vaughn has two rough red hands, a lame back and a fallen chest due to scrubbing the assembly hall floor and desks with Old Dutch cleanser which goes to show that our high school believes in sanitation.

The D.S. girls are very handy,
Making everything, even candy,
So listen boys, here's your chance,
See who's the first one to advance.

The General Science Class was shocked the other day when they were given a good dose of electricity.

The Big Four organization has resumed its noble and influention work and it is hoped that it will meet with still greater success than last year.

Supt. French "tripped" off to Topeka last week and brought home some new commandments including, "Thou shalt not smoke."

A new fire gong has been installed in the high school and the bells put into working order.

The high school was entertained Wednesday morning with "A visit to A Country School." Those taking part were: Miss Florence Smith, teacher, and the pupils were Anna Rehberg, Marie Arbuthnot, May Margaret Schmidt, and Florence Rehberg.

Civics class is doing some good reviewing this week, for next week teachers and pupils begin their great game of "cross questions and silly answers."

During the holidays the basement walls received a coat of brown paint.

Benson Boyle visited our high school awhile Monday morning.

A New Perfection oil stove has been installed for the Domestic Science laboratory.

Bessie Smith had one finger cut and two badly bruised while testing milk in the Agriculteure laboratory last Thursday.

Wilda McKay, Danny Startzman and Dorothea Arbuthnot, who are enjoying the study of Caesar are about ready to enter into "war."

From the proceeds of the play, "Wedlock to Fairyland" an eraser cleaner was purchased for the school.

Social Life

Another very successful masked skate was held Thanksgiving night with thirty-two extra fine masks on the floor from which the judges selected the winners. The judges were Mrs. Chas. C. Boyle, Geo. Islett and Chas. Vineyard. The first prize for the best masked couple went to Benson Boyle and Dorothea Arbuthnot who were costumed to represent George and Martha Washington. The most comical masked couple was Henry Blaha and Roy Williams who represented a Negro couple. The best masked individual was Wilda McKay as the Scotch lassie, and the most comical individual was May Margaret Schmidt representing the old maid. There was not a poor mask on the floor and the judges used their best judgement in picking the winners. The Chinese couple, Claudine Shephard and Elwyn Collins, were exceptionally fine as were also the negro couple, Mildred Gardinier and Anna Rehberg, both couples being exceptionally well made up. The large crowd of spectators thoroughly enjoyed the splendid array and all agree that they saw a beautiful and entertaining night when the masked skaters skated the Grand March. Without a doubt, every spectator and every skater thoroughly enjoyed the evening's fun and all together had a good time.

After the Masquarade Skate Thanksgiving night several couples spent an enjoyable time at the Arbuthnot home in dancing and other entertainments after which a delightful lunch was served. Those present were Enid and May Margaret Schmidt, Dorothea and Marie Arbuthnot, Estes Garren and Wayne Crawford, Benson Boyle and Harvey Markley.

We understand the entire senior class had a date the other night. That's easy when there are only two of them. Ask Bill Chapman who the other one is.

Wilda McKay, Gwendolyn Vaughn, Anna Rehberg, Harold Wilson, Roy Collins and Chester Werhan were entertained at six o'clock dinner given by Mildred and Harold Gardinier at their home west of town. An enjoyable afternoon and evening was spent and the dinner was beyond description. The guests know where to go next time they want something good to eat.

A very enjoyable New Year's party was given by Benson Boyle Saturday evening. The crowd attended the picture show and skating rink after which a delightful lunch was served at the Boyle home. There were thirteen guests present.

The high school students are indeed sorry to hear that the picture show and skating rinks are to discontinue.

We are sorry that a mistake was made in our column about one high school party being spent in dancing. This was a mistake and we are certainly sorry for any hurt feelings we may have caused.


Both boys and girls are practicing basketball. We hope to have two good teams this year as a high school without athletics is pretty dead.

After the game Friday evening both boys and girls home teams gathered at the house of Mrs. Anderson and spent a delightful time making candy and popping popcorn. The girls entertained the boys in honor of their victory.

It was blown about that the boy's basketball team would play New Cambria Friday but there was a mistake as New Cambria meant the town team so no game was played.

Benson Boyle, our snappy guard, bursted a blood vessel in his ankle at practice Monday night and is now crippled and forlorn.

The Bennington team defeated the Ada team on the home court Friday night with a score of 42 to 23.

The girls team met defeat for the second time this year when they met the Minneapolis girls on the home court and received the small end of a 23 to 17 score. The girls played up well and certainly deserve credit for their hard work.

We wish to thank the community of Bennington for their attendance at the basket ball game Friday evening.

The Bennington basket ball quintet defeated the Niles quintet last Friday by a score of 28 to 23. The line up was:

BHS: Garren f, Chapman f, Boardman c, Boyle g, Werhan f
NHS: Maloney f, Barret f, Maloney c, Pongrac g, Henshaw g

The same five expect to meet the MHS team at Minneapolis next Friday.


Olive Reh and Doris Woodruff are staying at the E.I. Heywood home during the bad weather.

Dan Startzman and Kenneth Boardman are staying in the rooms over the post office.

Miss Welch spent Christmas at her home in White City.

Gwendolyn Vaughn spent the vacation with her grandparents at Green Castle, Missouri.

Dorothea Arbuthnot and Wilda McKay spent part of their vacation at Mrs. Marshall Haley's. Thursday afternoon they called on Miss Sylvia Barker.

Anna Rehberg spent part of her vacation with her sister, Mrs. Gladwyn Boardman.

Enid Schmidt spent most of the vacation in Salina and Lorraine, Kansas.

Harold Wilson visited relatives at Jennings, Ks. during vacation.


Get Educated! Go to Armour's beauty parlor.

Who wants their floor scrubbed? If you do, please notify Wayne Crawford.

Harold Wilson is nursing a very sore jaw. He says it's neuralgia.

Kenneth Boardman is helping in Shepard's store "learnin" to calculate.

Teacher - What are the causes of poverty?
Bright pupil - Where a fellow runs out of money.


The marriage of Miss Enid Schmidt and Mr. Estes Garren, both of Bennington, took place on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 at the First Methodist parsonage. Dr. John R. McFadden officiating.

The bride, a brunette type, was becomingly attired in a pale blue flat crepe dress trimmed in cream lace and carried an arm boquet of white roses. Miss Dorothea Arbuthnot, Bennington, acted as bridesmaid and wore a dress of rose crepe de chine. Mr. Garren was attended by Mr. Benson Boyle, also of Bennington.

Mrs. Garren is well known to the younger set in the Wesleyan addition, having lived here several years and attended high school here two years. This happy young couple will make their home at Bennington where Mr. Garren is employed at his brother's barber shop. Mrs. Garren has been employed at the telephone office in Bennington the past year. Other guests at the wedding were Miss Mae Margaret Schmidt, Bennington, and Miss Nell Boyle, Salina - Salina Daily Union.

The many friends of these newlyweds, in Bennington and vicinity, extend them best wishes for a happy and prosperous journey over the sea of life.

Miss Gwendolyn Vaughn, of Bennington, and Mr. Harold Gardinier, of Minneapolis, were united in marriage at the Presbyterian manse December 26th, Rev. Geo. McKay, the pastor, officiating. The bride and groom were attended by Miss Wilda McKay and Mr. Harold Wilson. The groom is a prosperous farmer in the Minneapolis neighborhood, and the bride has been one of the successful school teachers of Ottawa county. Their many friends extend congratulations and best wishes.

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