School Days

Bennington High School, 1919-1923


The following is my grandmother's account of some of the parties given for and by the students of Bennington High School. It sounds like they had a great time!

A surprise party on Florence Smith's sixteenth birthday on Thursday, October 9, 1919, at her home. The girls of our class gave her a set of spoons and she received several other pretty gifts. A delightful lunch was served and we had a fine time.

A Halloween party held at the old School building on Friday evening October 31, 1919. They served a lunch and had several mysterious things in the upstairs rooms. This was given by the Episcopal Sunday School.

A belated Halloween party was given one week after Halloween at the opera house by the Episcopal Sunday School. We played several games and then went to the basement of the Episcopal church where a lunch was served. Afterwards there was a dance but I did not go. [Note: Wilda's father was a minister and she did not go to dances.]

A line party to the picture show and a fudge and popcorn spread afterward at the home of Anna Rehberg.

A line party to the picture show and a taffy pull afterwards at my home.

A party at Vola Hare's home given by herself and Stella Heywood.

Sophomore year: A surprise party was given on Estes Garren by the sophomore class. Our class gave him a fount and pen. Fortunes were told and many games played. Later in the evening refreshments were served, and we departed.

During the sophomore year an old fashioned party given by Mrs. Dr. Boyle at her home in honor of Dorothea Arbuthnot and myself. The guests were dressed in quaint old-fashioned costumes which caused a great deal of laughter. We had a line party to the picture show and were entertained afterward at the Boyle home. The decorations were carried out in the pink and white color scheme, as were also the refreshments. Ice cream, cake and coffee were served and little pink baskets of salted peanuts. We had a delightful time and it will long be remembered.

A party was given by Enid Schmidt and Anna Rehberg at the theatre. The evening was spent in playing games and singing. A delightful lunch was served and everybody enjoyed themselves. The only sad happening was the sandwiches being stolen when we were occupied with our games. They were recovered without damage but a few were missing. We soon forgot it however and stayed to watch the old year out and the new year in.

A Valentine party was given at the theatre by Benson Boyle and Harold Wilson. The evening was spent playing games, singing and playing. The lunch consisted of sandwiches, pickles, angel food cake, and ice cream. Mr. Brown took Benson, Dorothea, Harold and myself for a ride in his car afterward and then we went home.

Junior year: A surprise party was given on Kenneth Boardman in honor of his (faded text here - cannot read) 1921. The party was held at his home north of Bennington. We met at Anna Rehberg's home and then went out to there in cars. The junior class of which he is a member presented him with a gold pencil. A delightful lunch was served and the evening was spent playing games. We had a fine time and will not forget it soon.

Anna Rehberg, Gwendolyn Vaughn, Chester Werhan, Harold Wilson, Roy Collins and myself were highly entertained at a dinner party given by Mildred and Harold Gardinier on December 4, 1921 at their home northwest of Bennington. We certainly had a fine time and a grand dinner.

Benson gave a new year's party on New year's Eve, 1921, at his home. We had a line party to the picture show. We skated awhile afterwards and then went to Boyle's where we spent the remainder of the old year. An excellent lunch was served and we sure had a good time.

A birthday party was given by Mr. and Mrs. Dan Smith in honor of Bessie's sixteenth birthday. Part of the Junior girls gave her a Memory Book. They served a nice lunch and we spent the evening in playing games, and had a nice time.

Anna and Mildred G. gave a Valentine's party at Rehberg's. The house was prettily decorated in cupids and hearts. We had a line party to the picture show and then went back to Rehberg's where a delightful lunch was served. We played games and had a fine time.

Wilda listed a few other parties at the end of her descriptions:
Everett Kelsey - Surprise Party
Stella Heywood - Surprise Party
Anna Rehberg - Class Party
Senior Class Picnic
Junior Senior Banquet

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